Looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting at Mercy College

Well, we have a nice group, about 24, signed up to attend our meeting tomorrow morning.  (Mercy College-Manhattan, Room 737, 9-10:45 a.m.)  We will be having a guest speaker, Heather Saunders from Purchase College Library.  She is the art librarian there and has been there for just over a year.  I thought it would be nice to invite her to talk/reflect on her first year as a professional librarian.  She has been musing over sharing a bit of what she knows now and what it would mean if she knew it when she started.  This will definitely get the conversation rolling, and others have already shared their ideas of things to talk about too.   So, there will be plenty of meeting, greeting, conversation, discussion, and of course food, coffee and donuts. See you there!


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