Save the Date! “Demystifying the Hiring Process”


UPDATE: Unfortunately, we have had to postpone the panel discussion “Demystifying the Hiring Process” until after the New Year. Our original location was put out of commission by the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy. We are gratified by the unprecedented response our event notices precipitated. Even though we slowed our marketing efforts when we saw the numbers rising so quickly, we have not been able to secure a new location to accommodate our group.

Please watch this space for an update. Details of the new date and location will be posted as soon as available. You will need to RSVP for the newly-scheduled event, even if you had registered for the 11/29 date.


New Librarians Discussion Group Meet-n’-Greet:“Demystifying the Hiring Process”Thursday, November 29th, 20126:00 – 8:00pmLocation TBD (in midtown or lower Manhattan)

What role does the traditional hiring committee play in the academic library hiring process? Who serves? How do they prepare? What happens during the day-long interview process? And what happens after the candidate leaves—how are decisions made?

Gain insight from four veterans of the hiring process, whose experience derives from a variety of academic library contexts—institutions public & private; small & large. We’d also like to hear from you: what are your experiences as a member of a hiring committee, as a new hire or as a job candidate? Panelists include:

Sebastian Derry, Library Director, College of Mount Saint Vincent

Beth Evans, Associate Professor/Electronic Services Librarian, Brooklyn College

Susanne Markgren, Digital Services Librarian, Purchase College, State University of New York

Jean Uhl, Associate Professor/Librarian, Long Island University-Post

The New Librarians Discussion Group (NLDG) of ACRL/NY is a forum in which new librarians (and future librarians) come together with questions and concerns about the profession and share experiences and ideas with one another. The Meet-n’-Greet is traditionally when ACRL/NY members and other individuals from the academic library community come together to learn together and to discuss what programs/topics they would like to see the NLDG address for the coming year. This event is co-sponsored by the ACRL/NY Mentoring Program. Light refreshments will be served.

All are welcome and the event is free of charge, although registration is required to facilitate access to the venue.

Registration information to follow.


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