Wrap-up: Librarians’ Research/Writing Support Group 10/25

Thanks to all who made the meeting a big success. We discussed a number of issues we are facing individually in our research/writing lives, and came to some decisions about how we will move forward as a group.

Accountability partners: There are four basic purposes for these partnerships: accountability, encouragement, brainstorming, and advice. Partners correspond to set clear goals, and partners then follow up on or shortly after the date in question to see what progress is happening. Responsibility does not rise above the 4 purposes listed above

Critique/review of manuscripts, proposals, etc: If someone has a draft for which they would like feedback, we will notify the group as a whole so that one or more members can come forward to help as schedules allow.

Communications: The idea was floated to set up a Google group for open communication. See information on this issue under #2 above (in the information about the Meet-n-Greet/Social). Linda will set up a contacts list specifically for members who have attended or shown interest in the current research/writing support group. Broader announcements will be sent to a much larger list that includes non-members.

F2F meetings: We will meet at least twice per year, once in the fall and once in the spring. That meeting will include a presentation/facilitated discussion/workshop on a particular topic/issue, as well as a period for reporting on progress/discussion of issues that have come up for members as individuals. We ran out of time to figure out what we want that presentation/workshop to center on for the Spring, but set up a quick survey here: https://acrlnyforms.wufoo.com/forms/researchwriting-support-group-topic-survey/.

Resources: Resources and RSS feeds with calls-for-papers and etc. will be set up in the Mentoring Program website. Until that is live, relevant announcements can be sent to Linda (lmiles.librarian[at]gmail.com) and she will forward them to the group.

Would you like to get involved? ACRL/NY members who would like to participate can email lmiles.librarian[at]gmail.com, and we will set you up with an accountability partner.

Not yet a member? Join us!


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