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Meet n’ Greet: the New ACRL/NY Mentoring Program

The NLDG’s first meeting of the season will be held Thursday, October 20, 2011 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m.

The Meet n’ Greet is traditionally when ACRL/NY members and other members from the academic library community come together to discuss what programs/topics they would like to see the NLDG address for the coming year.

This Meet n’ Greet will have information on the new, ACRL/NY Mentoring Program. Michael Handis, the chair of the NLDG, also functions as the chair of the ad hoc Mentoring Committee. Within the last few months, the Mentoring Committee has put together a pilot mentoring program and is currently looking for volunteers. (Mentors and those seeking mentoring must be ACRL/NY members.) It is hoped that the pilot program will lead to a regular mentoring program.

This meeting is open to all members of ACRL/NY as well as non-members. Light refreshments will be served.

The Meet n’ Greet will be held in Room C196.05 of the Mina Rees Library, CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016-4309. Please RSVP by October 18th to Michael Handis(mhandis@gc.cuny.edu).

NOTE: You must register to attend and bring a picture ID. You name must appear on the security list or you will not be admitted.


New Mentoring Blog to Follow

The ACRL/NY Executive Committee is about to debate the form that the mentoring program will take.  For those of you interested, I have created a blog (http://acrlnymentoring.wordpress.com/) for the discussion.

NLDG Aims, and Mentoring

Hi!  I am the new facilitator for the New Librarians Discussion Group (NLDG).  I’d like to thank Carrie Eastman for getting the group started last year with the first meeting.  I’ve made a list of what the NLDG hopes to do.

The aims of the NLDG are:

  • To create a forum in which new librarians (and future librarians) can ask questions and express concerns about the profession;
  • To share experiences and ideas with one another;
  • To come and hear host speakers talk about their own experiences in all areas of library science;
  • To facilitate an informal mentoring program, if attendees express an interest.

The idea of mentoring is something that was presented at the executive committee meeting last Friday.  No one is sure what form it should take, and there was a lot of discussion about it.  My take is simple: informal and friendly.  I think it would be good if those new to the profession to meet and talk to seasoned professionals.  However, before anything is decided, I’d like to hear from the group to see if anyone is interested and to get some ideas.

Michael Handis